Follow me into my true life, the life of a former immune sick person that has died twice by multiple organ failure and found a new life going from there. I manifested my absolute dream life in abundance, happiness and health.
Think about the greater questions of life with me, discover quantum. Physics, love, happiness and emotions with me! We are here on this planet to discover ourselves, to find the depth of us in this ocean of humanity. I'm inviting you to find yourself by listening, feeling and loving!

Your Svenja!

Episode 010 - How two words heal you immediately

by Svenja Strohmeier

In this new episode of my English Podcast "Of Living and Dying" I share with you the two words that will immediately stop you from self-blaming or world-blaming whenever negative feelings come up. 

Be a gift to all of your surrounding and to your loved ones by using these two words to outgrow your blaming self! 

Episode 009 - How to fall in love with death

By Svenja Strohmeier

In episode 009 of my Podcast "Of living and dying" I share the gifts of my near death experiences with you, including three tips of how you can lose your fear of death and what to do so you can leave this world in peace whenever your time comes. 

Episode 008 - How to find and own your desires

By Svenja Strohmeier

In this episode I share with you the way back to your inner compass and your desires.
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Episode 007 - The power of energetic longing instead of asking for

By Svenja Strohmeier

In episode 7 of my Podcast 'of living and dying' I explain the difference in manifesting based on these different energies! 

Episode 006 - How you find peace in dying

By Svenja Strohmeier

In episode of my podcast "Of living and dying" I share with you my near death experiences, how they grew me and my advice for you to be able to make peace with your own death. 

Episode 005 - How you build up a joy-based life

By Svenja Strohmeier

In this episode I share with you my favourite tool called 'bodygoogle'. It can lead you out of feeling burnt out and without joy in your life. Change this directly by using my Inspirations!

Episode 004 - How to Make the World a Better Place

By Svenja Strohmeier

In episode 4 I share with you how you can make the world a better place through your every day actions.
Practising active kindness is such a huge key to your own happiness 🗝️❤️ 

Episode 003 - How to make the right decision

By Svenja Strohmeier

 In this Episode you find the two most important questions you need to ask yourself In order to make love-based decisions, not fear-based ones. Go, grow and flow. Your Svenja 

Episode 002 - Why you keep repeating your misery and how to stop it

By Svenja Strohmeier

Find out why you keep repeating your misery and how your reality stays the same if you don´t change in a certain way. Let me know how this episode helped you via e-mail in or through Instagram: 
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Episode zero - What life (or this podcast) is about

By Svenja Strohmeier

This is me - purely. In this episode I'll give you an introduction to my podcast and my content, my inspirations and my biggest learning.